SAVIAD Spring Fair : Designers Guidelines and Info

Dear Designers here your guidelines :

  • REZZ TIME :  March 6th to March 14th
  • You can send your item in a group or individually to each official blogger. The list is here
  • shops set up will start as soon as you are ready with your items here you can find the sim where you are assigned, just let me know when you can be added to the specific group to rezz
  • on your shop on the main sim you will find on the external walls at the entrance two vendors for your two special items, buy them (at no cost) and modify them as you prefer  REZZ TIME :  March 6th to March 14th
  • inside the shop you can decorate as you prefer remaining in the amount of prims of your shop size
  • gatcha machines will be sent in the group fair for anyone of you that is interested in using them (we will send it mod/copy so you can put as many as you like and costumize it as your taste) istructions about where to put them will be sent out in the inworld group

For any informations you may need please contact Natzuka Miliandrovic, thank you :)


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